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Children & Adult Long Term Care Coordinating Council


Called to Order:  1:00 p.m.                                                                              
Adjourned:  1:40 p.m.


PRESENT:  Molly Aird, DSS; Laura Berndt, Health Dept.; Chuck Gorske, DCP Board; Erin Kraft, LSS; Dawn Kulogo, parent; Kim Mueller, Health Dept.; Sara Rhode, parent; Erin Thoma, ARC; Dean Will, DCP Board and County Board


EXCUSED:  Marty Ryan, Lauren Martin


STAFF:  Geri Vanevenhoven, Cathy Philipsky, Sarah Deichsel




The meeting was called to order by Chuck Gorske. 


Motion by Dean Will, second by Dawn Kulogo and carried, to approve the minutes of the 11/7/16 CALTCC Committee meeting as written.







Geri stated that we are waiting for the changes that are coming to the Waiver program; the state is still in negotiations with CMS.  We have been told that some of the changes will not begin until 2018.  One of the changes proposed is the statewide wait list. Right now, each county controls its own.  Fond du Lac County currently has no wait list.  In other counties, some children have been on a wait list for five to seven years.  Another proposed change is statewide rate setting, which counties currently negotiate with providers.  A further change is the removal of the autism benefit, which is a Medical Assistance card benefit, instead of a Waiver.  This means that we no longer facilitate or authorize those services.  We are looking at different ways to assist the families that we’re currently working with, so that they won’t have to go to the bottom of a future wait list.




Final copies of the CCOP budget were distributed to committee members.  The total budget is $365,000, and this is broken into service and match.  “Service” is straight program dollars.  Waivers are comprised of a 60/40 split, which is what “match” means.  It can also be matched to the Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Program.  There are areas of the state that are regionalized for CCS, and they receive 100 percent funding from the government.  Fond du Lac County chose not to become regionalized for a variety of reasons a couple of years ago, so that is why we have to come up with the 40 percent match.  If we want to become regionalized now, we would have to wait until the first of the year.  A question was asked as to what the pros and cons would be for becoming regionalized.  Geri stated that the pro is 100 percent funding.  Some of the cons were the sharing of resources and the philosophy of how to run CCS. 


The CCOP statistics through December 2016 were reviewed.  There were no questions.  Geri also stated that she has received a letter indicating that our program can expect an audit sometime this year.




Volunteers for the annual evaluation of the Coordinated Family Services Program were reminded that

the subcommittee will meet at DSS on Feb. 22 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m.  Volunteers for the

subcommittee are Dean Will, Chuck Gorske, Kristina Meilahn, Dave Van Spankeren and Erin Kraft.


Geri reminded committee members that we now have the Specialized Children’s Services Facebook page on which information is shared and updated weekly.  We will also continue to do a newsletter twice a year. We continue with the referral line, and we would like this to be the one phone number associated with all children’s services in the future.  This will be a process of educating schools and social workers.


A question was raised regarding services for teens with disabilities, as there is currently not a lot available.  Geri stated that she has spoken to a number of agencies we have contracts with that are willing to provide services for teens if the need is there.  Demonstrating the need and the ability to sustain it is where the difficulty lies.  Erin Thoma from ARC stated that their agency is working on a transitional program for older teens, but it will be another year before that program is ready.  They are looking at providing two types of services.  One would be more of a daily living skills-type for the lower functioning teens and the second would be geared more for the higher functioning and be work services-related. 


It was also asked if there are any services or programs available to help parents who have teens with behavioral issues.  Because there is such a void, it is feared that once a child turns 12 and there are behavioral issues, law enforcement starts getting involved, and the juvenile system is not going to help a child with autism.  A question was asked about contacting legislators, and Sarah shared that Disability Rights has information on its Facebook page regarding how to talk to your legislator.




1)         Erin Thoma stated that the Expansion Program will be adding on two additional classrooms for the Youth Program, three offices, and two storage spaces.  That will get started once the weather gets nice again.

2)         No update for Public Health.

3)         Economic Support reports no changes; waiting to see if there will be policy changes with the new administration.  They continue to meet with Lauren and Geri and maintain communication.

4)         Erin Kraft, Lutheran Social Services, states no wait list and no changes.

5)         For DCP, there have been no changes in staff or budget.  We are busting at the seams and are looking at some possible remodeling down the road.  Our child psychiatrist is leaving at the end of March.  We are temporarily referring children to other resources.  During this time, DCP providers will be limited to med refills and crisis.

6)         DSS has received approval for training an additional five staff with the Trauma grant; four staff from DCP will be trained with this next round.



Geri indicated that we could ask Lauren to speak about the Trauma Project at the next meeting.




The next CALTCC Committee meeting will be held on May 1 at 1 p.m. in Room F.


Motion by Dean Will, second by Dawn Kulogo and carried, to adjourn the meeting at 1:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted:


Geri Vanevenhoven


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