Back to School Time


    With the new school year upon us many of the back to school programs require parents who receive child support to provide verification of how much they received as part of the application process. There are several ways this information can be obtained; you can request this information from your local child support office which can involve paying fees if required by that county, you can call 1-800-991-5530 and request this information be mailed to you, or you can set up your online access here  Child Support Online Services. (

    Once you have activated your online access you will then have the freedom to print payment histories as you need them, you would no longer have to wait until the office is open or wait for something to come to you in the mail. Your online access will provide you with a means to print payment records for the following time frames; last 90 days, this year to date, and last year. If you have multiple cases anywhere in the state of Wisconsin, you have the ability to access this information in one place and can print one set of pay records for all of those cases or you can select each individual case. Setting up your online access and utilizing it at your convenience will provide you with one less stress this back to school season but beyond that it will also be valuable at tax time or any other time when you need verification of what was received or even paid by you.

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