Did you know e-filing has become mandatory in

Fond du Lac County as of March 15th, 2017?


What does this mean to you?

  • Although you are not required to file documents electronically, you do have the option to “opt in” to your Court case(s). 

  • By electronically opting in to your cases you can view and print off documents from your Court case 24/7!  That means any time you need a copy of an Order, you can print it off from the comfort of your home computer.  Opting in to your case(s) may be able to save you time and money.


For more information on the process and cost to electronically opt in to your Court case(s), please contact the Fond du Lac County Clerk of Courts office at (920) 929-3040 or visit them on the 2nd floor of the City/County Building.



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