In Wisconsin there are 3 Ways to establish legal fatherhood


Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgment
If both the mother and the man are 18 or older and are sure that the man is the father, the easiest way to establish paternity is with the Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgment form. The form may be filed at any time after the baby is born. To ensure the child's rights, it is best to file the form soon after the child is born.

If either parent wants genetic testing, the parents should not sign the form until they receive the test results. Parents may ask their local child support agency for genetic tests.

Court Hearing
If a man is named as the possible father and does not agree, or if a man states that he is the father of a child and the mother doesn't agree, a court hearing will be scheduled. The court will make a decision about paternity. Both the man and the mother will be notified of the hearing and both should attend.

At the hearing, the parties’ rights and responsibilities will be explained to them. If they want genetic testing, they should ask the court for genetic testing. 

If parties do not appear at the court hearing, the court may order genetic testing and/or enter a default ruling or sanctions. The court may name the father even if he is not at the hearing.

Acknowledgment of Marital Child

If the mother and the father get married after their child is born, the parents may sign an Acknowledgment of Marital Child form to establish paternity.

Parents can get this form at their local child support agency or from the state Vital Records Office. Both parents should sign the form in front of a notary and mail it to the state Office of Vital Records.


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