Asthma Coalition-FDL County


Fond du Lac County Asthma Coalition

The mission of the Fond du Lac County Asthma Coalition is to develop and implement a sustainable countywide action plan that expands and improves the quality of asthma education, prevention, management and services and eliminates the disproportionate burden of asthma in racial/ethnic minority and low income populations.


What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that can be life threatening if not treated and controlled. The basic cause of asthma is unknown, but certain things known as “triggers,” can make asthma worse. 

Asthma Triggers
Information and Types of Asthma Triggers


Air Quality Affects Asthma
Fond du Lac- Action for Air Quality 
Fond du Lac Ozone Advisory 
State of the Air American Lung Report


Quit Tobacco Resources
The Fond du Lac Health Department does not offer any direct cessation services.  We suggest using the following resources:
WI Tobacco Quit Line (24 hours/ 7 days a week)
Free Quit Tobacco Resources        (Spanish)
SmokeFree TXT
Medicare Covers Cessation    (Spanish)
Medicaid/Badgercare Covers Cessation    (Spanish) 
Not Ready To Quit?




 Print Quit Tobacco Tool Kit
 Quit Tobacco Tool Kit Contents  
        Plan to Quit                 (Spanish)
        Medication Chart          (Spanish)
        Dealing with Withdrawal
        When you Quit Smoking
        Cost of Cigarettes
        You CAN Afford to Quit Smoking: How to Get Medications  (Spanish) 
        Supporter List & Trigger Worksheet
        My Quit Smoking Journal





Location at City/County Government Center on the 3rd floorOffice Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday (except legal holidays)
Phone: 920-929-3085
Fax: 920-929-3102
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