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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
City/County Government Center

Meeting Attendance:  

Linda Chandler, Purchasing/Risk Manager

Richard Gedemer, Dept of Social Services

Hannah Julka, Wellness

Ann Kaiser, UW-Extension

Shelby Kapitanski, Purchasing

Rick Kiefer, Central Maintenance

Michael Marx, HR

Ray Sharp, Harbor Haven

Ryan Waldschmidt, Sheriff’s Office

A meeting of the Safety Committee for Fond du Lac County employees was called to order at 8:15 am by Committee Chair Rick Gedemer.

  Correction - They are planning to add a security checkpoint inside the City/County Bldg. this fall (not spring). The Feb. 21 meeting minutes were approved as corrected. (Rick K/Shelby)


Self Defense Class:  Classroom sessions will be offered from 12:00-1:00 pm on May 8 at DSS and May 15 at the City/County Govt. Center by Sgt. Paul Rottscholl.  Mike said someone asked if this could be offered at an alternate time for employees that are not able to attend during the lunch hour.  After discussion, it was decided that we’ll see how participation is for these sessions to determine if another time would be warranted or we could offer alternate times every other year.  Thank you to the Sheriff’s Office & Paul for providing this informative program.

Health/Wellness Event:  Hannah reported that the Wellness Committee will be offering three challenges this year – Race to Mt. Olympus six week challenge (8,000 steps/day) starting March 26, Eat the Rainbow nutrition challenge in July, Maintain-Don’t Gain challenge in November.

– It was questioned if or when the middle walkway curb in the CC Bldg. north parking lot will be taken out to bring it to ground level (to make it handicap accessible & easier for visitors with carts, etc.).  Rick K. said their intensions are for this project to be done this year.


Traveling Board:  Mike will update the board.

Newsletter:  The March issue came out last week. Summer edition will be next.

High Five Award Nominations:  Nomination was received for Steve Smit, Highway Dept. employee, who recently donated a kidney to a friend.  Discussion followed.  Motion to present the award to Steve Smit (Mike/Linda). Motion carried.


Mike alerted the committee that April is Severe Weather Awareness Month and that a tornado drill will be held on Thursday, April 12.

Meeting adjourned 8:40 am  (Ryan/Mike)
Next meeting:  Wed, April 18, 8:15 am in Room F                 Ann Kaiser, Secretary